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Anyone know where Dave Jones is?

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It is important for everyone to know that Dave is the one that posts under DeLoa's username.  I am trying to get APQS to take down the profile to prevent further damage to her reputation.  Do NOT do business with him.  My mom is an honest person that unfortunately gets tied to his messes and doesn't find out about his dealings until someone gets screwed over. She is often left to work day and night to rectify the situations. It is important to note, my brother, David (jr), runs her website and he is very honest as well.  You are fine if you go directly through her or the website.  They keep that separated from my dad. I'm not posting this to cause drama, just a warning to prevent future damage due to dishonest sales. I need to protect my mother and it has gotten to this point. My mom is an incredible person.

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Jessica  I am so sorry that you have gotten pulled in this drama

But as a person your mother promised would be taken care of, and yet still was screwed by your father.This is very hard.She is the one who told me the horizontal and vertical locks were broken, and that it was not set up correctly .She is the one who muttered that he must not have done anything to make sure it was  in sales ready condition....I believed that she would honor her word and make sure this was fixed.

I feel violated, he prayed on my trust of a woman here in Massachusetts who sets up his schedule when he drops in to service.

She is the person who introduced me to him.  I thought I could trust her opinion. I know now that I should not have.


I am not wealthy, I cannot afford  to pay twice  for what was not delivered.



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Judi, I’m really sorry you are dealing with this and understand that you are upset. There really isn’t much that I am able to do other than talk to them about fixing it. I’m pretty upset myself about being pulled into the last post. The last thing i need is an internet campaign set up against me because of completely unrelated business my dad does. Some people might think it is effective to add my brother and me to the list, but doing so is cowardly and borderline libelous. I will do my best to help you. 

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2 hours ago, Jessica Gamez said:

Some people might think it is effective to add my brother and me to the list, but doing so is cowardly and borderline libelous.


Since you posted this in response to my reply on a different thread, here is the link for all to read; http://forum.apqs.com/topic/42069-i-made-a-massive-mistake/

Maybe you could explain exactly who owns the DeLoa's Quilt Shop business, as there appears to be a great deal of nepotism between the two businesses. 

If your brother owns the business, unfortunately until he changes the name of the business, he is stuck dealing with Dave and DeLoa's actions, which would seem to be harming his good name, as it is yours.  

Merriam-Webster defines libel as "a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression".  

Unfortunately for you, the truth is not libel or "borderline libelous".  You clearly have allow your good business name to be association with another company that appears to not provide such good customer service.  If not, how do you explain your name branded merchandise being sold on a competitors website?


That is not DeLoasQuiltShop.com I am seeing being advertised.  Checking your website, you are not selling other company's books/tools on your website; https://www.jessicasquiltingstudio.com/longarmrates/

You keep blame your father, but Judi has clearly stated your mother; DeLoa, was involved in this less then stellar sale.   

Since you have called me cowardly, lets see how Merriam-Webster defines coward; "one who shows disgraceful fear or timidity", and defines cowardly as "in a cowardly manner".  I am far from cowardly, and not a fragile wall flower quilter.  I honorably served our great nation in the military, and faced our enemies in battle.  I have lost many comrades in arms, and attended numerous funerals grieving their loss.  While I suggested that Judi write a new forum thread clearly spelling our her poorly handles transaction, I did not expect that she would edit her thread to include all the suggested tags.  I on the other hand, come the close of business Friday, intend to write my own thread asking why any business would associate themselves with another individual/business that clearly takes advantage of quilters. My post will include numerous tags, so internet searches educate prospective customers, and help them steer clear bad businesses, and their antics.  How does "Quilters protecting Quilters" sound for a title.  

Hey it is the season of good cheer, maybe you can ask your mother to "rectify the situation" for Judi.  You said it is what she does.  If DeLoa is as quick to respond to bad customers reviews as you, Judi should have her Millie up and running in no time.  

Take care, and have a wonderful day.



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Jessica I admire you for taking the high road here with regards to Cagey.  I admire you and your mom, always. This entire situation with your dads behavior is unfortunate. I hope that whoever has had problems gets things resolved appropriately through the right channels, not dragging it out to air on the forum. It makes me very sad to see the negativity that is written here.

Things can be resolved between this person and your dad through proper legal channels without dragging the drama out on this site. You and your mom do not deserve it one bit. You both are top shelf good people. Those who need resolution should contact the legal authorities have the proper authority deal with Dave Jones. 

You, Jessica and your mom have highest integrity and you do not need this drama to ruin it. Continue to Stay on the high road because the view is so much nicer up there. 

Love, Shana

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