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Drop Off and Pick Up

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At my home, but sometimes if a customer had surgery then Ill pick up at their home. (if that is local of course) My husband said if I pick up a quilt top or deliver it, I should charge a 10 dollar fee. But have not done that yet.

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Depends on the customer ... for the ones in Santa Cruz (which is 45 mins from my house) I pick up and drop off at the monthly quilt guild I attend or an hour earlier at the quilt shop that hosts the meetings. A few of my customers I go to their houses and the rest meet me at my local Starbucks which is less than 5 minutes from my house. My husband is ill so I stopped having people come to the house. Most of the LQS' near me also have longarms so that doesn't work to meet them there. I had an understanding with one LQS that doesn't have a longarm service. But the last time that I met a customer there the owner seemed to have forgotten that he gave me permission to meet there. It was a bit awkward so I decided not to go back. It's nice to be able to sit at a table in the Starbucks anyway. But I also do a lot of the prep work via email so I already know what their quilt looks like, etc.

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