How should i deal with this?

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Give me some help here. This is a top i inherited. My mom bought it. All the blocks look like this as far as seams going every which way. I haven't quilted one this irregular before. Maybe a seam here and there but not this. I think SID will be a nightmare. Maybe just around the block?  Will the seams show?  My questions just go on and on. Have any of you encountered something like this and what did you do?  The pieces are machine stitched and it is a beautiful  9 patch made with love probably 50 years ago at least. 



Judy Day

Love My Georgia  (aka George)

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A picture of the situation may help to get you better suggestions.  I only see a question mark for a possible picture upload.  

Could you SID with invisible thread to not make the irregular piecing standout?  It may take a great deal of time to SID every seam, but you can side step as needed to stay in the ditch.  Also an instructor recently told us in class that she sometimes stitches approximately 1/4 inch off of the seam on each side so you sort of hide the miss piecing.  The somewhat straight stitch lines help you eye see a straight line, even though it is not.


May your threads be balanced, and your bobbin forever full….

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