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I'm back!

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Welcome back Patty. 

I'm not an APQS owner.  I am a hopeful for someday.  I have a Handiquilter, but the group here have made me feel like I am part of the family and I feel very welcome here, so I just hang around.  Best forum on the internet and I love this group to pieces.  They are all like one big family.  They have all inspired me and taught me so much through the few years that I have been here and never have they made me feel like an outsider or a dummy.  They will boost you up and never let you down.  I have a lot of gratitude for everyone here, and hope that you enjoy you time back here as much as I enjoy mine.

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Thanks for all the responses.  Linda, I'm going to have to learn right along with you.  It's all new to me as well.  I was on here from 2006 until about 2010 pretty faithfully but after my hubby passed, I went back to work for awhile and more life happened to keep me off of here.  I still have my Millie but I don't do that many quilts anymore but I will,post pics of what I do when I'm finished with one.  I'm now living in a manufactured home park and bout my home because the family room was big enough for my APQS and I have one of the small bedrooms for my sewing room.  Going back to learning how to manouver through the forum,I tried to change my info a bit and can't seem to get my old email off of here.  I have a new email so if someone can help my tired brain how to change it I would appreciate it for sure.  

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Wow, Patty Jo, welcome back.  I was wondering where you were?  A lot of us "ole timers" have come back within the last year.  I was out for a long time fighting my depression but the gang here helped me with their support and here I am.  Now get that quilt eye candy coming.

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