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This small quilt is a gift for a new mom to be's baby shower next weekend. I've known this lady for about 25 years since she was about 12. It took her a long time to meet Mr Right and now they are expecting their first - a little boy. This pattern is a MSQC and is in the tutorials. 2 charm packs used with poly blend batt and glide threads. 


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Thanks all.  I put the quilt together last fall at a quilt retreat (I made 2 tops at the same time) as I knew of one baby quilt I was going to need. Then I found out about this little one coming so finished this one with the border fabric and got it quilted pretty simply.  It did go together pretty fast. I have another one using this pattern to be made with batiks and black sashing.  It may end up on my bed!

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Looks very nice! My mother made by herself such similar patchwork pleads for our both children when they were born. To tell the truth, I appreciate a lot such gifts and they mean a lot to me. More than all when our children grew up I saved them for their kids. Really, this thing is so cute and memorable. Frankly speaking, I have a lot of experience with children and I can convey to my children a lot of useful information besides these blankets. I remember how it was difficult for me to breastfeed our second child, I had no milk and we had to use to feed the baby. I remember the times when I couldn't sleep and rocked the children in her arms all night. Honestly, it was difficult.

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