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Quilt Path Classes in Colorado

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May 22 - 24
I'm excited to have Brenda Shreve returning to teach 3 days and 5 great classes on Quilt Path at A Quilter's Choice - APQS West in Littleton, Colorado.
Students taking all five class get a $75 discount. Fees must be paid at sign up time. To register click on link.

May 22, 12:30 - 5pm
Quilt Path Pantostacker EZ
This class is the jump start you need to start quilting those quilt tops. Learn the basics of using QUILT PATH: Pantostacker EZ, import designs and making your very own designs. Explore your potential with QUILT PATH. Learn the basics of using Quilt Path software to get those quilt tops finished. This class is a comprehensive session of Pantostacker EZ, you will learn how to turn designs into pantograph so, make your very own pantos from designs as well as importing designs. Unlock the power of your new Quilt Path computerized system. Learn the sequencing needed to accomplish those edge to edge patterns that will help you turn quilt tops into quilts. Pantos are the Bread and Butter of long arm quilting, this class will give you the boost to get the job done. There will be hands on demos quilting with Quilt Path helping you gain the confidence needed today.
class is 4-5 hours
Fee: $185

May 23, 9am-12pm
Quilt Path Pantostacker Basic/Advanced
Want to learn more about the Pantostacker feature of your new Quilt Path computer system. This class brings you to the next level in Pantostacker world. Learning the differences in the three levels will expand your quilting ability. This class provides the tools for using the different levels in the Pantostacker portion of Quilt Path. Even if you are current using Pantostacker, come join us to get the most from your Quilt Path. Learn the ins and outs of each level of Pantostacker. Use Pantostacker to get those quilt tops done faster and better than ever before. Quilt Path will do the math, adjust the size of patterns and set the patterns just where you want them with ease. Use the Basic and Advanced levels to have more choices in placement as well as number of patterns used in your designs. Join Brenda for more Pantostacker fun.
3 hour class
Class Fee:$110

May 23 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Quilt Path Pattern Cad Intro

Introduction to Quilt Paths Pattern Cad. Learn how to manipulate your favorite patterns, joining patterns,drawing your own designs and more. Join me to get hands on application demos, not just lecture.
Get the most out of your Quilt Path by exploring the world of Pattern Cad. Learning resizing, redesigning, importing, drawing and merging will help discover the unlimited possibilities of your new computer system. This is just a quick jump start to the new world of quilting you have entered. You will also get hands on demos not just lectures. Come join me to get the most from your investment.
Class Fee:$110
May 24, 9am - 12pm

Quilt Path Pattern Cad 2
Take the next step in discovering the endless possibilities of Pattern Cad. Experience more in depth the features of mirroring, freehand drawing and manipulating designs.
Pattern Cad 2 class will allow you to explore all that Quilt Path Pattern Cad has to offer. Join me and learn the ins and outs of Quilt Path in a fun and interactive way. You will discover how to use mirrors to transform design into endless combinations. Manipulating and editing designs is an easy way to make changes to fit your needs. Gaining detailed knowledge of the drawing features will enable you to create original designs and much much more. Make your investment work for you.

Class Fee:$110
May 24, 1:30 - 4:30

Quilt Path Borders
Can I use my Quilt Path to do borders? Good Question. In this class you will learn ways to put the power of Quilt Path to work for you. If you do Custom Borders now on your quilts then this class will be the next step to build on what you already know. If you want to quilt custom borders it will give the confidence to be a success.
You can use these skills for sashings as well.

Class Fee:$110

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