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I got sets of zippers from Linda V. Taylor and canvas from Walmart.  Cheaper than Quick Zip  System. You can also find the zippers elsewhere on the internet.  The canvas does need to be surged, though, so keep that in mind if making your own.  I can't remember what comes with Quick Zip system..other than the zippers being labeled.  I found instructions on the internet on how to make them.  I like my zipper system. 

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1 hour ago, PaulaSpalding said:

Sharon, I looked at the site and am wondering....what kind do i buy?  the machine set and an additional quilt set?

You will need a machine set to sew onto the leaders, and a set that you will pin to the backing. Check the description of the machine set - it may come with a quilt set. I suggest getting a second quilt set so you can just leave your practice sandwich ready to zip on whenever you need to scribble.

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