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FOR SALE: Magna glide delight bobbins (new)

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For sale:  10  "jars" of Magna-glide bobbins - trilobal polyester;  Style L; 20 bobbins in a jar. Each bobbin has 72 yds. on it.  All brand new; left in plastic "jar" and in a cabinet drawer in a heated (70' room). Never used.  Also includes one thread color chart.

Selling all as one unit. Each container contains 20 bobbins all of same color.

 Colors:   1.)   Linen (10WG1)        2.)   Cream  (20001)         3.)  Warm grey  (10WG4)      4.)  Black (11001)          5.)  Dark Brown  (20476)        

                             6.)   Navy (32965)               7.)  White (10000)              8.)  Maroon  (70209)               9.)  Khaki    (24525)           10.)Light Olive  (65825)

$70.00 for all of the above.  Payments can be done thru Paypal.       


Lynn aka Quilt Mummo   

My email: lynn121@charter.net   


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