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I'm going!  I'm so excited - I haven't been to the Paducah show since the early 1990's and I only had a couple of hours to speed-walk through everything then. It has grown sooooo much, and I'll be there from Tuesday to Sunday with my husband - he's coming to carry things for me. I don't really know what to expect but we have tickets for the Preview night and the All-Star Review and one lecture. I don't have a longarm but I play with them at the demo's every chance I get. 

I keep reading about "show specials" from the different vendors. Does anyone know what the specials are? I know the machine vendors will usually give a special price or include free accessories, but what about vendors like Hobbs Batting and the ruler/fabric folks? I'm trying to get a list together of what I really need to buy at the show, vs. ordering online. I appreciate any advice or hints anyone has. Thank you!


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They do have deals on rulers. They used to have great deals on fabric but really don't anymore. There is one place that has deals on fabric across from the Quilt Museum. I bought several bolts of white last year for $4 a yd. I think there is a list of vendors you can check out if you go to the AQS Quilt Show site. The great thing is you get to se!e everything, and see it demonstrated. I have bought things that I haven't fiqured out and go the next year to see it demoed again:D. My SIL and I have a saying, "If they demonstrate it well, we'll buy it"!:lol:

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