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Has anyone thought of putting cute labels on your handmade garments? Especially those who takes sewing as a profit? Or even if it’s just your hobby, I guess for me I take labels as a form of signature and ownership of your creation. I would love to hear your ideas about labels.

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All my quilts end up with my logo to the left when they are finished.  The black lines are normally done in thread to match the quilt top.  As I make the quilts to give away as gifts, I can do as I wish with my gifts, so the log is about 3 inches by 1 inch.  If you take in a pieced sandwich to quilt, I would have to treat that much differently.   Most piecers would probably not wish to see that large of a design on their finished quilt.  That would not prevent you or myself from actually signing your name small inside the quilt, or even putting in a tiny outline of your logo.  Just be sure to have a few examples to show your customers, so they are not surprised to find your name/logo hidden in the quilting.  Lots of people buy and wear clothing with someone else logo on them, so why should you be different?  If you proposed customer does not agree with it, then you do not quilt their top.


May your threads be balanced, and your bobbin forever full….

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I use custom printed labels that I sew on when I'm doing binding on my projects.  I purchased them here:

You can see the label in the corner of the backing. The front has my 'business name' and when you flip it up it has my name.  They are nice quality, not too expensive and I think it was 100 labels in the pack.



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