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My LUCEY blew another fuse today...I checked the manual ...which says for LUCEY you need 3.15 or 4 amp 250 volt....but when I checked my stash (I had purchased extras last time this happened)...I realized they are  all  2 amp?? Not 3.15...

Then I checked the thread I started when I his happened in 2013 and see that Dawn said it should be 2 amp...I put in a 2 amp...but want to be sure it won't cause any damage...

if anyone can clarify ...I would appreciate it before I buy 3.15 amp as I went to the Toronto...and they don't carry 3.15 any more...none at Canadian I will order online if needed...




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What amperage is the fuse that you removed?  I would replace it with the same amp rated fuse.  Checking my George, it uses a 3.15 amp 250 volt slow burn fuse.  If you want to be completely certain you have the correct fuse for your Canadian Lucey, call APQS customer service.

Concerning fuses, you can normally always go with a lower amperage fuse without harming your machine.  With a lower amp fuse, the fuse will simply pop earlier without damaging the equipment.  That is to say, if you were stitching through a spot where multiple seams with multiple layers of fabric overlap, the fuse may pop when your Lucey tries to punch through all that bulk.  The motor is asking for a lot of amperage (say 3 amps) but the fuse is only rated at 2 amps, so the fuse pops, and your motor/machine is protected.  You will just go through more lower rated fuses than if you used the properly rated one.  The reverse cannot be said about going to a larger amp fuse.  If you try that, the fuse pop level (amperage rating) may be higher than the motor's maximum amperage rating.  Thus, when your wall outlet delivers 15 amps, the 5 amp fuse will not pop, while the 4 amp motor burns itself up when it is stitching.  

Remember it like this, your child is rated to eat 1 cookie at a time.  If they take tiny bites out of a single cookie, they will never chock or have an issue, but it they try to stuff down 3 cookies all at once, they are probably going to chock. 


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Thanks Cagey,

I put the 2 amp in there...the one I removed was 3.15...but what got me confused was why did I  have 4 packages of 2amp...and Dawn does say 2 amp...???

I rechecked the doesn't mention Lucey..and it is a bit unclear...not sure about the sentence right after United Stated...(missing punctuation....a period ) does that sentence refer to LUCEY? My dear LUCEY is not mentioned, only Lenni...





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Try the 2 amp fuses you have already.  If they are too small they will blow quickly.  I believe the motor is the same on the Lucey as the Millie so 3.15 or 4.0 would be ideal.  The Lenni has a different motor.  I haven't bought fuses for a couple of years but I know I went to a couple of Source stores before I found the 3.15 ones in stock.  If you don't have any luck at the Source try an electronics store like Sayal they will have them.  Take the old one with you so they can match the physical size as well as amperage.



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