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Hello Everyone,

I really Thank everyone on here for all your help under the "Needles" topic.

I've been studying and learning all I can about my Superior Variegated  Fantastico Thread Choice with a Pre-wound super Bob and Lucey and I have finally made a short pass.

I hope you can see my stitches so you can comment.  The stitches on the back seem to be nice, I just don't know IF I have my top tension too tight.

Thanks for any help IF possible.





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Thank you Cagey..

I think the variegated thread on the top is playing tricks with me..  because it changes color I think it is changing the stitch :) 

Here is a picture of the back.. it was hard to try to get one, so it isn't too good

Thanks for the comment..  time for bed and I will Play some more tomorrow. :) 


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From what I can see in the bottom picture, I do not see any top thread showing through.  I think you are good.  While I am not a frame longarmer, I believe Jamie Wallen says when you remove the quilt from the frame the top thread will actually settle into the sandwich a little, so I think you are good.  Keep up the great work.


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