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Stitch regulator

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I'm thinking the problem is in the gray wire coming out of the machine.

Hooked the old encoder to top carriage and it works great, hooked the new one to top carriage and it works great.

If I wiggle the gray wire it will barely make noise and quit. Looked for broken wire could not find a break, took top off and everything looks ok.  Does anyone have a picture of there upper machine where the mother boards are?

thank you all



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i had one wire break on Brenda's machine several years ago.  Hers is a Millie with fluorescent lighting.  If yours is the same there are about four wires (maybe more I don't remember) inside that grey cable and a break in any one of them can cause your problem.  Brenda's broke right where wire is attached to one of the pins in the white connector.  I managed to solder the wire to the pin and tape it well so it wouldn't flex as a temporary fix.  Amy sent me some new pins to crimp on and fix it properly but it's only been  four or five years, I'll get to it.



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