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I am looking for a new home for my 1999 Gammill Premier (18-8) on a 12' frame with canvas leaders. 

I purchased this machine used back in 2014 and I've been quilting with it ever since! I quilt professionally (exclusively freehand work) and have done well over 50 quilts on it. It's a real workhorse. It's a basic model- no stitch regulator or channel lock. I do have clamps I purchased for the wheels to DIY channel lock that I will include with the machine. I have also upgraded the wheels to EdgeRider wheels. The one thing on it that doesn't work is the onboard bobbin winder. This has never been an issue for me as I prefer to use the standalone bobbin winder anyway (which of course is also included). 

It includes:

- Bobbin winder

- Wheel clamps

- EdgeRider wheels upgrade

- Large tote full of pantographs. I've never used them myself, but they came from the previous owner and I'm happy to pass them on. 

- Stylaser for panto work

- 48" Gam Guide

- Circle-Ease-Fan-Tastic guide 

- M size bobbins 

- Machine Oil 

- Manual

- Instructional DVD 

- Pack of needles and a couple of cones of thread to get you started 

I'm just starting the process of looking around at my options to upgrade, so I thought I would go ahead and list this now and see what the interest is. I have a receipt from the previous owner indicating that it was given a once-over and has a new hook assembly, guide, and intermittent tension assembly in 2011 from Accomplish Quilting in Michigan. After the Easter holiday I do plan on bringing it in to my local Gammill dealer just for another once-over to make sure all is in tip-top shape for thoroughness' sake, but like I said, I thought I'd go ahead and get it listed now. 

It's worked beautifully for me all these years. It is my very first longarm and I just love it to bits. It makes me sad to sell it because I've got so many great memories with it, but I've gotten to the point with my quilting and business where it would just be nice to have a couple extra features to make things a bit faster and easier for me. It has been a great starter machine for me and I know it can be the same for someone else. 

I'm asking $4000 OBO, and I'm in Springfield, Ohio. Purchaser is responsible for pick-up, and we'd be happy to help you load everything. If you are within a reasonable driving distance from me, I'd also be more than happy to help you get it set up and show you the ins and outs, and just generally get you going in any way that I can. I tried to include pictures that would show you the machine, frame, wheels and undercarriage as well as a couple action shots to show you the stitch quality. The granny square top I included so you could hopefully see that it's a king-sized quilt.

If you're interested or have any questions, shoot me an email at: 










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