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You could take the semi-custom approach and isolate the borders and the sashing with SID to do something different from the scrappy rectangle areas which could be an all over fill. your borders and sashing, being light in colour and not to busy a print will show off your quilting, whereas the busy prints in the rectangles, not so much.  Connecting/continuous curves in your border squares and maybe a feather or vine motif in borders and sashing or whatever you want to see there.  Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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This is a quilt I finished a few years ago.  The black sashing  strips coordinated with the outer borders only they were done larger with some leaves attached to the curls. The bars were mirrored into pairs and if you enlarge the photo, I hope you can see the stitching.  Just an idea for you.


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Ok. PJ just took my idea of using 2 rectangles and making them into 1 block for a stencil design, or freehand design of your choice.

You could also (if you like Cross hatching).... after sectioning the rectangles to make 1 block, crosshatch horizontal the first block, then vertical the 2nd, then horizontal the 3rd, etc.  It will give those long stripes total definition.

<3 what PJ did in her sashing.  That area i'd use curvy anything, just like PJ did!!  Then you could Piano Key the last border, which will also bring out the straight crosshatching you did in the colored strips!




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I would do some micro-stippling in the background and ditch the three towers of stips.  Then I would quilt echoing feathers in the outside border.  As for the inside border I would quilt a small little leaf pattern and the small squared triangles would be ditched as well.  That will make it pop to the eye.  But that's just me.   Zeke.   

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