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How about giving us a hint as to your location and possibly the type of problem you are having.  I think most of the dealers could help you out and I certainly don't have an issue helping out another quilter in my area.



thread breaking, missing stitches. i tried a couple dealers close  by no luck. i have been trouble shooting with the factory as well.. hope soon Moose Jaw Area.

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Lindee:  It sounds like you might have a timing problem.  First of all, do you have the proper needle, and is it properly installed?  If that answer is yes, then check the timing.  Is the needle bar height correct?  Does the hook meet the needle in the proper location of the scarf?  Does the hook just "kiss" the needle when they pass?  If these adjustments are all correct, then look at your tension, and how tight you have quilt "sandwich" set.  Anyone of these adjustments could also be causing your problems.

 I strongly encourage you to master machine adjustments.  Being in control of them makes quilting so much more enjoyable. Good luck.  Jim

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If you have hit anything with the needle then I would definitely check the needle bar height.  And check and sees if you might need new needle bar bushings.  Drop the needle to its lowest position and see if it has any slack back and fourth or side to side. It should be snug with no play.  Also check to see if the needle is in the 6 o'clock position.   Zeke.  

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