New DSM. Looking at Elna Expressive 900

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My 18-20 year old Janome 10000 seems about to bite the dust.  Anyone have any feedback on the Elna's?  I need to be able to piece, sew clothes, and embroider quilt labels.



Beth Durand

Elizabeth Originals Custom Quilting

2006 APQS Millenium

Authorized APQS Dealer

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I have an Elna that is about forty years old!  They were great machines made in Switzerland back then.  I believe that they are now made by Janome.  When a friend decided to replace her old and sick Elna her dealer suggested that she buy a Janome instead as they are less expensive than the Elna version. Supposedly someone bought the rights to the Elna name and contracted with Janome to make them.  I don't know if this is correct but it may be worth checking out if the Janomes are less expensive.  Everyone I know with one seems to be happy with them.

Happy hunting!


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I started sewing on elna in 1964 and continued with that one until 2008 when i bought my Elna Xquisite.. i did look at a lot of brands before i bought.. i sew and embroidery both on it. I did FMQ on it until i bought my George. Elna is a very very good machine. They are made by Janome now i believe. I would say find a dealer and try them both. My dealer did not encourage Elna even though it was a better buy. I talked to a repair man that was associated with my local fabric store. He said they just dont come in for repair very often. There are probably a lot of good machines out there. Probably like cars. Whatever your preference. I also have an elna 845 serger which i love. Good luck. 

Judy Day

Love My Georgia  (aka George)

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