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My new George arrived a few days ago and I'm in love!  I can't get over the difference between quilting on this workhorse as compared to my old domestic machine.  The workspace is huge and the stitches are beautiful.  And as promised, George is easy to operate.  No computer screens.  Just a tension dial, a motor speed dial, and a needle up/down button.  There is definitely a different sound to George as compared to a domestic too.  I'm used to very quiet machines, and George is a little loud.  But he's a big machine with a big motor, so that makes sense.  I've only got a few hours on him though, so I'm wondering if he will get a little quieter as he gets broke in.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Will it get quieter?

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I have not noticed George getting any quieter.  If you have vibration sound from the covers, you can put rubber or plastic washers between the housing and the screws to stop that.  George's motor is louder than your DSM, but it also has much more power to punch through layers of fabric without issue.  You will grow accustom to it.  Just turn up your music or your audiobooks a little to hear over the hum of the motor.  You going to love it!


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