ISO Circle Lord package, quilting rulers and quilting dvds

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I am looking to buy a package deal on used Circle Lord boards and templates. I have a Millenium on standard wheels. If you are upgrading to a computerized system and would like to recoup some of your investment in Circle Lord equipment and groovy boards than I would love to make contact with you.

I am also iso used quilting rulers, pantographs and quilting dvds such as those by Kimmy Brunner, Rene Haddadin, etc for a reasonable price.

Please send me a pm through this forum.

Thank you so much!

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I have a Circle Lord basic system w/front mounting stylus and designs. Front mounting stylus system. Design templates 15": Aztec, Stella,Heartz,Starz,Ovals,Spirals,Spiro-Thingy,18" Crosshatch, Featherz & Pattern Booklet, Ginko & Pattern Booklet. Stylus set for tracing King pattern boards. King design boards: Giant Trillium,Swirls,Cosmos. Make me an offer. Jean

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Hi again!

I have been so fortunate in finding many of the Circlelord items I was looking for. These are the items I am still hoping to buy and would appreciate a pm from anyone reading this who might be willing to sell theirs to me. I am offering 50% of the new prices:

King giant templates:

Pebbles; Wandering

Design templates 

Mini gingko; Cogs; Squarz; Mini clams

Push button

Thanks so much!

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i removed items from my list
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On 4/26/2017 at 6:02 AM, Marti10245 said:

Please email me i have a system I will sell and a few circle lord boards. My email is 


Hi Marti,

I emailed you about two weeks ago and have just sent you a pm tonight, I hope you have received my messages! Take care and thanks for getting hold of me.

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