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I always interpret those comments to mean the sells does not wish to take the responsibility to pack-up and ship out the item.  Thus, the buyer must take on that responsibility and action.  If you can go see the machine, you can pack it up for shipping yourself.  Otherwise you coordinate with a packing company to get the machine/table and have it shipped to you.  The seller is pretty much out of the picture, except for opening the door for the packers to get the items.  If you want the machine, contact the seller, and work out an agreement to put as little effort on the seller.  The seller wants the item gone, so I believe they will work with you.  When I have purchased used items, I have always found the seller to be very helpful to get the sale completed.  There are goals on both sides of the deal, and all of them have to be considered and addressed.  Best of luck to you upcoming purchase.


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