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2010 Millennium with 2015 IQ for sale

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I have a 2010 Millennium with a IQ that I add in 2015 for sale.  It has 14 foot table with Bliss and auto advance.  I have zippers attached at the moment but you can remove if you would like to use something else.  I broke my shoulder 18 months ago and it has not healed to the point where I can quilt like I used to so I would like to sell it to someone who can enjoy it like I once did.  I am asking $18,000 for the complete set.  The machine has not been used much in the 7 years that I have had it and the IQ is the top of the line with updates available for the life of the machine.  I have added a few patterns to the ones that came on the IQ when I bought it new.  You would need to make arrangements to pick up the machine in Paducah, KY if you decided to purchase.  Contact me at mscott2611@comcast.net with any questions


  By the way if you know someone who is in town for the APQS quilt show this week maybe you could talk them into picking it up for you or arranging shipping for you if you were interested in purchasing this machine.  Also, I forgot to put in the above post that it includes a saddle stool, drawer full of thread, fil-tec magnetic bobbins, self winding bobbin stand alone, has the L size bobbin.

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