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Hi Everyone,

I want to start out with Thanking Everyone for their tips and links to help me Learn all I can about Needles, Batting, and Variegated thread, so that I wouldn't disappoint  my NEW LUCEY!

Our Daughter said she wanted a Quilt that looked like an Eclipse, and she wanted it in Florida Sunset, Earthtones, etc... and she wants it PUFFY (Comforter style)

I have spent the last 9 months, planning this quilt for our Daughter.. First I had to make a template for the pattern.. then the hard part.. NEVER WORKED WITH BATIKS BEFORE.

Everyone I talked to said,, just sew them together and they all match.. well, being the old fashioned "match" fabrics.. I just couldn't do it.. I procrastinated on my design wall for MONths!! Move this one.. move that one., Oh, now I lost the Eclipse.. it was a struggle!! :) But , never give up.

After finally getting the top all pieced and with all your help a searching everywhere that I could search.. it was time to take the plunge and see if I could actually do this.

.. I searched everywhere for a Panto that was "open" and didn't have any success, so I had to create my own.. Big Swirls and loops so that my quilting would hopefully end up PUFFY.

So.. here you are.. Batiks top and Backing.. 2 layers of batting, Variegated Superior Top thread , Super Bobs in the bobbin.. Never had the thread break one time.. and Lucey performed like a Pro.

For a Newbie, I am very happy with my first quilting. :) 







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Your quilt is really spectacular!  You did a wonderful job with selecting the pattern and fabrics, and then you arranged them so that the colors complimented each other beautifully.  You mapped out the perfect quilting design so that you would get just the right amount of puff.   Lucey is beaming with pride, and now she wants to know, 'What's next?!'   :)





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Thank you EVERYONE for the Wonderful comments..

Let me clarify.. I have been piecing and making Quilts for as long as I can remember.. and I was a Stitch in the Ditch Pro :)  with my sewing machine.  I was extremely fortunate to have Hubby let me take the plunge into getting a LONGARM.. so that is where the NEWBIE comes in :) 

I had a Toddler sized John Deere top ready to go for practice, and that wasn't a big enough practice, Lucey was done with that in no time!  So that meant I needed  something a lot bigger.  I had a King Size Double Irish chain top completed  (for myself) but I was scared to death.. (What if I ruined it?)  But.. Hubby said, "How can you ruin it, that is what you bought this big machine for, so go for it! "  So, truth be known.. that big 120" square went first.  And I was really happy with how that turned out.. I had a few tension issues, but nothing that needed to be torn out, a lot of help on here was great information.  Once off the frame, those stitches melted right into the fabric. 

Also, with the help on here, I was able to learn about the Needles to use and the Threads when switching from cotton (top and bobbin) to Variegated Poly and Super Bobs when sewing on this Batik fabric both top and Backing.  Thanks again for all the help and links.

I never believed that I would ever be fortunate enough to own a longarm, but, with your help and APQS,  Lucey sure made it easy.  I am so Happy with my Purchase :)

Unfortunately, Hubby says it has been a long horrible winter here in Michigan, with no snow for snowmobiling and NOW IT IS TIME TO GET THE BOAT OUT AND GO FISHING!!

Happy stitching

:) Rosemary

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