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SOLD---2010 Millennium for Sale

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I have a 2010 Millennium with a IQ that I add in 2015 for sale.  It has 14 foot table with Bliss and auto advance.  I have zippers attached at the moment but you can remove if you would like to use something else.  I broke my shoulder 18 months ago and it has not healed to the point where I can quilt like I used to so I would like to sell it to someone who can enjoy it like I once did.  I am asking $18,000 for the complete set.  The machine has not been used much in the 7 years that I have had it and the IQ is the top of the line with updates available for the life of the machine.  I have added a few patterns to the ones that came on the IQ when I bought it new.  You would need to make arrangements to pick up the machine in Paducah, KY if you decided to purchase.  Contact me at mscott2611@comcast.net with any questions


    Also, I forgot to put in the above post that it includes a saddle stool, drawer full of thread, fil-tec magnetic bobbins, stand alone self winding bobbin attachment, has the L size bobbin, some rulers.  The machine has been well taken care of and has probably only quilted 30 quilts in the 7 years that I have had it.


2017-04-26 20.18.22.jpg

2017-04-26 20.18.28.jpg

2017-04-26 20.19.13.jpg

2017-04-26 20.19.38.jpg

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