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I am so happy to finally have this quilt done!  It is a friend's quilt and I promised her 1 1/2 years ago that I would quilt it for her.  She started the applique 17 years ago and it included her first block ever done!!!!  Unfortunately this quilt had lots of false starts.  She brought it to me and the backer wasn't big enough so she took it back and hunted for the right backing, muslin is what she wanted to match the front, not so easy!  Finally she brought it back to me and I had planned on starting it before knee surgery but that didn't happen and life got crazy.   

I have had the design planned since the first time I saw the quilt so that part was easy.  I will NEVER do a quilt again that can't be washed because using white chalk on the muslin was the only option and what a pain to see.  I did have to use a air erasable marker to help a little but I did it very lightly.  I'm glad it is done and I hope my friend likes it as much as I do.

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4 minutes ago, lisae said:

Oh my gosh, it's gorgeous, Heidi! Some quilts just have their own timeline for being done. What was the reason it couldn't be washed? Was she afraid of fabric bleed? I'm just curious as I know it's sometimes personal preference as well. I like mine washed, thanks! ☺️

Lisa she had a fabric that was bleeding.  Personally  I would wash and soak.  I don't have any quilts that I wouldn't wash, just not logical in my mind.  I don't think she prewashed any of her fabrics.  

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4 hours ago, T Row Studio said:

Amazing Heidi you always do such beautiful quilting what do you mark with

Terry my preference is to use the blue washout marker or the Sewline pencil in pink or white (won't ever use green again it doesn't come out easily).  I like that it is marked and won't rub off and can easily be seen.  One of my biggest pet peeve about working on customer quilts is they want the detailed quilting but don't want any marks that have to be removed.  You just can't get the precision, well at least I can't, unless it is marked.  I have tried other methods and can get by if needed but it is way too frustrating when I know there is a simple solution.  

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Thank you everybody for all the nice comments!  I have tried to like all your comments but you only get so many a day!  Why is that?  I will say that I actually like the old days where people left a comment and we had lots more conversations.  I know we're all busy and I'm as guilty as the next person not to take the time to leave a comment.  I'm trying to be better about that.

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