Parrs or Westalee rulers for George

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I use rulers sparingly as I have the small "flip flop" foot, and my year machine does not allow switching feet.  That being said, you may find that if you mark your quilt top with stencils or using other means, you can quilt rather straight lines on George without using rulers.  Cindy Needham has a number of them, that I have grown to love.  I have found that I can pretty much follow my line when I move the quilt top from front to back.  Side to side is a little less accurate, but getting better with more practice. 

Your mind is going to make the lines straight as long as they are relatively straight.  Your brain does the same thing with most any uniform design, as it wants everything to be uniform spaced, straight, curved, etc. .  Even with rulers, I hazard to guess not all lines are perfectly straight from one side of the quilt to the other.  Everyone's mind fixes the imperfections to make them perfect.

Good luck with your ruler work.  Please share with us your treasures you create.


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Delores, I suggest that you check out Patsy Thompson's blog.  She has a George, although she also does a lot of her ruler work on a domestic machine.  She has her own rulers, but she uses the Westalee rulers as well and would be a very good contact person about using them with George.



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