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I have a few questions that I can't seem to find the answers for....not saying they aren't there jumping up and down waving at me....just saying that as I plod along watching where I put my feet, I can't see them. :P

What is the "reputation" that I keep seeing references to? How do you give reputation? What types of things warrent reputation? Will I get a reputation for asking so many questions about reputation? ;)

Also I see some folks have a fancy signature and a list of their machine, blog, shop, etc. Some have cute quotes. How do you add that to your posts. I looked everywhere, I think, in my profile and did not see where to do that.

Is there a certain place that questions like these should be asked? Appreciate any help in learning about this forum so as not to be so awkward stumbling around. ^_^  Thanks 

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You can give reputation for anything you like!   Look at the bottom left hand corner of someone else's message.  (You can't give your own messages reputation.)  You will see two boxes -- one with an arrow in it and one with a heart.  Click on the arrow box to give reputation!   I would have given you reputation for your questions but we are only allowed to do it 10 times a day and the system thinks I have already done that, which I have not.  It does seem to be a bit glitchy in regards to that.

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Signatures can be added by going into your profile at the top of the page, click on the down arrow next to your name and a menu will show.  Choose Account Settings, and you will see an item marked Signature.  I know there used to be a site that you could create a signature and then copy it in but I don't remember the site information.  I probably created my signature in 2008 or so.  It looks like you have the option to change the text, size and color so you should be able to create an original.

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Thanks Mary.... I was just floating around trying to answer the same questions myself!  Glad I saw your post so I did not go ahead and ask the same things. 

So the reputation arrow must be how people get "points"....? And that is what the leaderboard is about?


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