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My George needs a new, loving home. He is less than 3 years old, like new, L sized bobbin. Includes more than $500 in accessories and original George table (also $500). Located in Central Florida, will consider delivery. Specific items included:

  • ·       George in original box

  • ·       APQS George table

  • ·       Additional George feet and accessory case

  • ·       Bobbin winder

  • ·       Instructional DVD and manual

  • ·       11 Bobbin cases (I purchased 10 additional so I wouldn’t have to change bobbin tension each time I changed thread)

  • ·       100+ bobbins, many with thread, 3 bobbin storage containers

  • ·       5 packages of needles

  • ·       Oil

  • ·       Happy memories

All this can be yours for $5,500.






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I have never used a long arm and am very interested in getting one.  Do you think this is a good machine for a beginner?  Does it come with all the instructions, etc.  Also...does it need upgrading at all.  I am thinking of setting up a quilting business so this would be a forever machine.

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I think your biggest decision will be whether to get a Long-Arm or a sit down machine, I am not a professional quilter but all my friends who run quilting businesses have long-arm machines. Having said that, I think this is a great machine for a beginner for several reasons:

1. Easy to Learn: You sit at the machine like you would a smaller machine.This makes it more intuitive (for me) and requires less room than a long arm.

2. Easy to Operate: It is very basic, built to do one thing (free motion quilting), easy to operate and maintain.

3. Economical: George is reasonably priced, has a lifetime warranty and accessories like bobbins and bobbin cases are more affordable than other machines I have seen.

My machine has been sold but I would encourage you continue looking and researching.

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