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I was having issues with long, skipped stitches. Angie at APQS walked us through several possible issues. In the end we reset the timing and the long stitch issue is cured. However, now I am having issues getting my tension set back up properly. The bottom was being pulled to tight and then leaving dots underneath. I can get the machine to quilt nice stitches but I can only go from left to the right, no major going backwards in my meandering and a bit slower. With that said, I had to make the bobbin case fairly loose and the top tension is SO TIGHT that I can't believe the thread doesn't keep snapping.  I have- 1. checked the thread path, 2. checked how the path pieces all line up, 3. cleaned out the bobbin case (which I'm pretty sure I sprung- I have a spare) 4. just put in a new hook/bobbin assembly when it got timed, 5. tried a new bobbin, 6. tried a different spool if thread, 7. oiled parts- top and underneath.  I do have a stitch regulator. I use polyester thread and prewound bobbins.

Anyone have any other suggestions?  I waited for some new parts and some time was lost with resetting the timing.  I could not be so far behind on projects for other people....Crying was my final option and I've done that now. Any hep would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Check for lint under the bobbin case tension finger.  Then with a full bobbin that you wound set tension like this to start.  With the bobbin case in the palm of your hand lift the thread tail and set the tension so the case stands up on it's edge but won't lift off your hand.  This will be close maybe a fraction loose for the bobbin tension.  Now back the upper tension right off and try stitching add about half turn at a time until you are close and then you can fine tune.  Let us know how you make out.

Also fill in your profile so we know where you are.  Someone close may help with another set of eyes on the problem.


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I’m having the same issue with my George!  Pulling the quilt directly toward me, diagonally toward my left elbow, and horizontally left (away from the throat), the tension is either awful on the back or on the top, but no matter what adjustments I make, won’t look good on both in those directions!  Same craziness with loose bobbin (100 TOWA) and tight top tension.  That was yesterday.   Today I decided to try tightening the bobbin just a bit (now measures 130 on the TOWA gauge), and beyond comprehension, I can’t get the top loose enough!  Makes no sense.  I’m looking at my tension knob, and see that the disks are floating loosely, putting no tension on the top thread at all, and yet it’s flatlining in the directions I mentioned.  WEIRD!

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Heidi:  The obvious, have you checked your thread path?  Maybe you have an extra loop or something in how it's threaded.

How many holes are you using on your pre-tension bar?  When I first got my Ult 2 (same head as George) I didn't know how the pre-tensioner was to be oriented.  Turns out mine was improperly adjusted.  Had to change that.  Check your thread guides to make sure everything allows the thread to pass smoothly.

I run my bobbin tension at about 200 on the TOWA.  Looser than that and I get tension that I'm not happy with.  Make sure the take-up spring on the tension assembly is functioning properly, and that it is oriented correctly.   Do you have foam or batting or something in your thread guide directly over the cone?  Does the thread spool smoothly off the cone?

If everything checks out OK, and I had to guess, my guess would be that your bobbin tension is the problem.  You seem to have the typical directional tension issues created by multi-directional sewing, only to a greater degree..  Making the bobbin tug harder on the top thread seems to help with that issue.  Good luck.  Jim

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