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SOLD-2005 Millenium with Intelliquilter for Sale, Price Reduced

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I have a 2005 Millenium on a 12 ft. table equipped with an Intelliquilter.  I am asking $18,000 and am located in Central Illinois. I have reduced the price to $17,050.

In addition to the options the factory equipped the Millenium, I have added red snappers, automatic fabric rolling system, new leaders and hydraulic lift.  I am including  spools of Superior thread and prewound bobbins to get you started.


The Intelliquilter comes with hundreds of designs, many of which have been purchased since I bought the system.  I have all the designs cataloged on my computer and a file will be included with the designs.

I have many instruction manuals on using the Millenium, a maintenance book and manuals on using the different features on the Intelliquilter.

The buyer will be responsible for taking down the machine and arranging their own shipping.  A four hour instruction class on using the system will be provided at sellers location if requested.

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is this machine still available and if so, do you have any photos to share of it.   I am looking to purchase a demo machine through APQS but have not commited as yet.   still keeping my options open.   thank you for your help in advance,

mindy riley


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I am including photos here.  You can see the machine, Intelliquilter attached to the machine, front laser light and red snappers.  There is a photo showing the fabric advance motor and a photo showing some of the accessories and instructions that are included in the sale.  The accessories also include the Hartley ruler base and two rulers.

motorized feed.jpg




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