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I'm in the beginning stages of going down the longarm rabbit-hole. Well, I've actually been dreaming for years, but I'm a bit closer now. Has anyone out there owned an Innova and an APQS machine? Or worked extensively on both?

 I know that it will ultimately come down to what feels best for me (like a car), but I'd love to know what people who have used both think. I'm sure there are pros and cons. 

I liked the APQS best at the AQS show, but it'd be nice to take a class to spend some time and really get to know the machines. I'm in SW Michigan, so the Innova dealer is not far. Does anyone know of a Michigan dealer for APQS? I may drive down to Quilted Joy to take a class sometime, but it will be hard to get the time do that for a while yet. I have a friend with an older APQS that I'm going to try out soon. 

Random question: Does the stitch regulator still beep on the APQS? 

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I would hope that everyone on this site would steer you to an APQS, but I am sure there are some who have Innova, since this is about the only site that does not limit who comes here. Another reason to love APQS. I went to the APQS website and there are 4 dealers in Michigan here they are:

Sheryl Hardy

Sheryl Hardy
4448 Hudson Rd.
Osseo, MI 49266
(517) 398-4075
QLTnBE'S Longarm Quilting
Faye Llombart
53442 Hillside Drive
Shelby Twp., MI 48316
Debbie Cadwallender
Debbie Cadwallender
13943 South Scribner Road
Perry, MI 48872
Creative Loop
Pamela Duddles
18841 Northland Drive
Big Rapids, MI 49307
231-629-8228 | 231-349-6002
I hope this helps. You may want to go the web page and see if there is a dealer in another state that might be close too.
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I think the two company's websites speaks for themselves, and the respective workmanship that goes into their products.


Certificate of Limited Warranty - 5 years parts and electronics; "Purchaser shall pay all fees, charges and costs for labor and shipping at such then current and customary rates."  

Here is the fine print;  I am guessing you pay more for the extended warranties below, but there is no cost list or what is different between the two warranties:

Gold Extended Limited Warranty - 10 years labor, parts, and electronics

Platinum Extended Limited Warranty - 10 years, labor, parts, and electronics



All new APQS quilting machines are backed by a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

Here is the fine print;  Taken from fine print;  "Our products are covered under warranty for the lifetime of the product. This limited lifetime warranty covers (parts and labor) the APQS quilting machine and table so long as the original owner owns the product and ceases upon transfer of ownership."

I hope this helps you in your selection process.  Have fun shopping.



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The stitch regulator on our new machines beeps once every 8 seconds or so. We have our customers' safety in mind by having that audible warning tone--when the sewing motor is engaged and the regulator is on, the machine will sew when you move the machine. However, we don't want you to get distracted (maybe a phone call or knock on the door) and just walk away from the machine without turning off the sewing motor. When you return to the machine, if you decide to "check the bobbin" before you resume quilting, but you haven't shut off the motor, we don't want you to mangle your fingers in the bobbin area by moving the machine with it still "on".

We are a small, family-owned company and we hand-build each machine right in Iowa, which is why we can offer a lifetime warranty (it even includes the electronics, circuit boards, switches, and motor--something not every company will do). We know what goes into each machine and will stand behind our work with customer service and support.

The Cotton Corner in Shipshewana, IN is also fairly close to you. They have a variety of APQS machines available for you to try again if you need another test drive, and also teach classes and provide support. But ultimately you have to choose a machine that is the right "fit" for you. :)

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I think that APQS has a better stitch regulator.   A friend and I tried an Innova this past weekend (with the Lightening Stitch) and there were some long stitches here and there.  When we tried out the APQS machines at a road show, I didn't see any long stitches at all.  I do wish that APQS had something similar to the Panto Vision, though.

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Sorry CBW, I just saw your message.  I am a dealer in Michigan but not listed, I just moved from Virginia and I haven't upgraded to the new Millie.  I am located in Port Huron, but you are welcome to try my Millie.  However, I still have an older machine (2009).   I plan on upgrading after the AQS Show in Grand Rapids in August.

I am partial to APQS and it's lifetime warranty, customer service and all your friends and helpers on this forum.  I think some people went to the Innova because of it's couching attachment, especially Art Quilters.

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