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Quilting pattern for a photo quilt

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I need some help quilting friends please! I am making a queen size photo quilt, and the pics are 8 x 10 with sashing to make a 14.5 inch block. How should I quilt this? I have only done photos on bags and such with no quilting on it. My question really is can I quilt on the photo itself? Will it distort the faces? Thanks for your help, Ann

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Hi!  I usually "Meander" my way through the photo quilts. I've quilted many of these over the past 10 years. 

To answer your question, YES you can quilt through the photo, and you should. As a general guide, anything the size of your palm or bigger needs to be quilted. Otherwise, it will be a big poof and this big poof is prone to more wear and tear over they years. Quilting helps provide more integrity to the fabrics. 

I do not quilt over the faces, if at all possible. I never ever quilt through the eyes, nose or mouth. I quilt around these areas. Hair is OK. Body is OK, background is OK. Everywhere but the face is OK. Just gently guide your needle (meandering) around the face. I usually pick a thread that blends well... such as cream or white or beige. You don't even notice the thread in the photos. 

Try it. 

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