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Oooooh, I'm so confused.  I have burned through two of the P999 (I think that's the number) bobbin winders.  They worked ok, but not consistently great.  I just purchased a bobbin winder that uses a light beam to determine of the bobbin is full, but it's not working great either.  I've seen the Sidewinder, and while the demo that I watched wound a nice bobbin, the device itself looks cheaply made.  I've also seen the APQS turbo bobbin winder and liked it, but YIKES! it's expensive.  I mean it's only a bobbin winder for crying out loud. 

Anyway, has anyone found a good bobbin winder that isn't super duper expensive that makes a consistently good bobbin?  Okay, and if you purchased an expensive bobbin winder, what type did you buy, and was it worth the investment?  Any and all recommendations will be greatly appreciated. 


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You could try Ray at Quilt Tech.  I know a few have purchased winders from him and I haven't heard any complaints.  I have one like it that came with my U1.  


Or if you are really on a budget look on Craigslist and find a vintage sewing machine for about 20 dollars and use the bobbin winder on that.


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If you do a search for bobbin winders on the forum, you will find a number of discussions concerning bobbin winders; http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/37380-bobbin-winder/#comment-510732.  

Here are a few other winders like Nigel suggested.  They are all about the same except for the Quilting Masters which is a lot like the turbo winder   

http://www.longarmsupplies.net/bobbinwinder.aspx  Comes with speed controller, and you can adjust the shutoff point for a L bobbin if needed

https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=aaplw&p=quilting+masters+bobbin+winder#id=1&vid=b59275a09a7cefe878bd8254d552fdff&action=click  Quilting Masters bobbin.  It is a lot like the turbo-winder.  I cannot find a link to the price, so give them a call 618-719-5179.  It too can be set for L or M bobbins.

You can also make your own if you wish; http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/37644-make-your-own-bobbin-winder/#comment-513440

Have fun finding what works best for you.


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Lora:  If you don't want to spend $100 on a new one, look on e-Bay for a used industrial one.  You can either buy the bits to make one up (winder, motor, switch) yourself, or you will probably run across a complete used unit.  I bought a complete one a couple of years ago for about $40.  Works great.  The commercial sewing rooms use them all the time.  I wouldn't bother with any of the home machine units intended for the hobby sewer.  They just aren't designed for the heavy use we give them.  Jim

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I've been using the Simplicity bobbin winder that came with my Lenni. The Simplicity works, but every time I wind a bobbin I have to readjust the shut off and I have to stand there and babysit all bobbin winding. I've had the thread wrap around the spindle and make a big mess. I decided I wanted a better, higher quality bobbin winder so I ordered a New Joy bobbin winder on Ebay.  Here's a link  New Joy   It was $88.88, including shipping, it's made in the USA and you can plug it in or use a 9volt battery. I bought it late Friday and it arrived today. It's high quality, heavy duty, very smooth and quiet, winds a beautiful bobbin and the bobbin shut off adjustment stays exactly how I adjusted it. With my last quilting machine I had the motor mounted on a board with bobbin winding mechanism, I really prefer this New Joy as it's all enclosed. 

I have no affiliation with New Joy, other than being a happy customer. 

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