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Batting Question - Warm and Natural

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When I meandered the small charity top on the longarm, I used Warm and Natural batting.   The shop owner had no problems with it, but I see that some long armers are listing it as a batting that can "cause damage to the machines."  What is your take?   Have you ever used this batting and have it cause damage?   I have a few more packs of it and would prefer to use them on the charity quilts but definitely don't want to damage the rental machines!

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I have never heard this before and I have used Warm and Natural batting alot.  The only problem I have had with this brand of batting is that occasionally I will get bearding on the backside of the quilt.  Otherwise I have never had an issue with it and my machine has not had any problems with it either.  I wonder what type of machine these people were using that had problems and is there any documentation to back this up with??

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When I was in business I only used Quilter's Dream Bat and Hobbs. Back then I had a tax ID letter so bought it wholesale. Now that I am a regular citizen of the US of A, I buy those brands when I can get them on sale. I have used Warm and Natural and have not had any problem. It is  not my favorite, but there are battings that I do not want in my house, let alone on my LA.


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Hum... :)

Very interesting... 

Mary Beth,   will you please go a step or two further and tell me which Battings you do not want in your house?? 

I certainly do not want to buy a big roll of something and then find out it isn't a preferred batting.  I am new to all of this and have used the Quilters Dream and love it.. I would rather pay more and be happy than buy a roll of grief for less :)

Thank you for your information

Have a Wonderful Day!


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That "damage" must have been reported by an executive of another brand of batting! W&N does not cause damage to home sewing machines or longarms. What causes the most damage to a machine  is user error or failure to clean/maintain the machine. Do NOT be concerned. I use W&N batting all of the time and love it. If you don't buy it wholesale - check JoAnn. They are often on at 50% off. Check craftsy.com as well. They have packages and rolls at good discounts.  In the pic: left: W&N, right: Warm and Plush.

DSC04057 (441x640).jpg

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W&N sometimes has cotton seeds/pieces that your needle may hit, or that may be felt through the backing.  Perhaps that is what quilters are referencing.  I've used it for many quilts and have had no issues except for some bearding at times.  It's not my favorite, but I quilt many charity quilts for my church's missions and the lower cost of W&N helps us make more quilts.  For personal quilts I use QD, and usually their wool batting. 

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I use Warm and Natural and Warm and White quite a bit, with no issues.  W&W and W&N do have a right side and a wrong side.  Bearding can be caused by having the batting wrong side up. This post from 2013 explains it nicely:


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If you can tell which way the needle-punching went through the batting, place it so your needle goes through the same way.


With Warm and White cotton--dimples up, pimples down. When you hold the batting up with the light shining down, one side will be dimpled. That's where the needles went through. The other side is messier--thus "pimples down".


Warm and Natural has the dirty side up. The side with more flecks of debris is the top side. This is problematic if the quilt top has some white fabric used, since the dirt can shadow through.


Most wools are the same on both sides so it doesn't matter.


Poly batts are the same unless needle punching is prominent--then follow the directions above.  :)



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It could be that some quilters grow comfortable using known products so they get a known result.  Thus they are hesitant to try a new batting.  If customers are not happy with the final result, even if the customer demanded the new batting, I tend to believe piecer is going to blame the quilter.  So if you were the quilter, why would you ask for that headache?  

I put the statement that W&N can harm the quilting machine in the old wives tales bucket of false truths.  The Warm Company would have been taken to court if it could be proven that their product was actually causing damage to quilting machines.  Here is their page on W&N, and their is nothing about machine damage;  https://warmcompany.com/products/warm-cotton/warm-natural  Could it be a longarm rental place wanted customers to purchase their batting verses bringing in your own W&N batting that started this rumor about damaging machines?


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If you can find the blog post that would be interesting to read.  Since Warm and Natural is needled punched when it is made.  Needle punching drives hundreds of needles through the fiber to bond it to the scrim, I find it hard to believe any small leaf and stem remnants would cause damage to your DSM or quilting machine.  All of which will drive the needle and thread through your fingernail and finger without slowing down or causing any damage to the machine.  

I found a video on YouTube showing how needle punched wadding is made.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0iLuJaab0k  It's exciting 95 views in about 6 months.  


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After reading through a number of blogs and learning a lot, I found the one KP mentioned when she originally asked her question.  I can understand the issue of quality levels of batting; "Battings not accepted – Mountain Mist, Fairfield or Bamboo; Warm and Natural (No Exceptions)"

Doing a few quick searches on the three battings, there are mixed reviews:  (some of the threads mention where to purchase batting at good prices, not sure if still current)

Mountain Mist:    http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/29226-mountain-mist-batting/#comment-417705



FairField:             http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/37424-fairfield-batting/#comment-511158


                           http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/27495-first-customer-quilt-fairfield-cotton-classic-batting/#comment-393568           Angela H discusses what to look for in a batting.    

                           http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/10933-problem-with-fairfield-batting/#comment-132225     Rita continues to share her wisdom.

Bamboo:            http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/31331-weird-bamboo-batting/#comment-446123



Warm and Natural:    http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/41423-the-warm-company-batting/#comment-539796


                                  http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/33686-thread-breaking-with-warm-natural-batting/#comment-475280  Not the batting issue

Some like the battings, while others do not.  Myself, I will follow the recommendations/opinions of the "experts" I have learned to trust here, and not waste my time using inexpensive batting.  I started out being a thread miser, wanting to cut down on that thread cost, nipping off those tells with the shortest tail possible.  I found that the cost was not that much, and it actually made my work a little more difficult in the long run.  So in the end, spending and 20 to 50 dollars on good quality cotton or wool batting is well worth it in my opinion.

Now back to the real question.  How can batting damage our machines?  I am reluctant to mention the actual blog post, but I think it is fair a Bliss Quilter is regular poster here, and more importantly a APQS dealer.  As a dealer, I believe one's statements carry a little more weight, and may be construed as fact verses personal opinion.

  • Bliss Quilter will only accept Hobbs Heirloom, Quilters Dream (blends, cotton or wool), Warm & White (not Warm & Natural).  Bliss Quilter offers these batting at reasonable prices (see Quilt Pricing page). 
  • Battings not accepted – Mountain Mist, Fairfield or Bamboo; Warm and Natural (No Exceptions)  These battings result in poor quilting finishes and can damage my equipment.

Sharon mentions it is maintenance not batting that causes damage to ones machine.  Betsy; which I trust and follow, mentions there being a front and back to batting, but never mentions damage to our machines.  Thus I have to ask, how can batting cause damage to our machines if we clean out the lint/thread buildup in the bobbin and hook assembly while we use the machine?


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Though Warm & Natural batting is not my favourite because of the seeds and other debris, I doubt that it will damage an APQS LA. With W & N I have had more thread breakage and shredding if using a trilobal thread. Warm & White by the Warm Company does not have seeds and is not a problem. Bamboo and bamboo cotton blend batting are two of my "go-to" battings. Cotton/Poly 80/20 blend is also universally popular.


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