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Batting Question - Warm and Natural

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Thank You for bringing the below statement from my website to my attention.  I will review the website and make revisions as nescessary.  Also, thank you for all the research you posted,  it is great information.  

Now back to the real question.  How can batting damage our machines?  I am reluctant to mention the actual blog post, but I think it is fair a Bliss Quilter is regular poster here, and more importantly a APQS dealer.  As a dealer, I believe one's statements carry a little more weight, and may be construed as fact verses personal opinion.

  • Bliss Quilter will only accept Hobbs Heirloom, Quilters Dream (blends, cotton or wool), Warm & White (not Warm & Natural).  Bliss Quilter offers these batting at reasonable prices (see Quilt Pricing page). 
  • Battings not accepted – Mountain Mist, Fairfield or Bamboo; Warm and Natural (No Exceptions)  These battings result in poor quilting finishes and can damage my equipment.


The website statement above was done years before I had my APQS machine and before I became a Dealer.  However the statement "can damage my equipment" was derived from a real experience I had on another machine.  I stitched on a seed while quilting with W&N and the needle deflected scratching the needle plate, bobbin assembly and shuttle and broke the needle in the down position.  I was very fortunate that the timing was not affected.  Therefore, I choose not to accept or use Warm and Natural batting. 

As Linda Rech stated W&N is much cleaner now.  I would assume that with less debre in the batting one would not have the same experience I had.  I just choose not to use or accept W&N.  I do accept Warm and White and all others mentioned above.  I appreciate the outcome of the quilting.

To maintain the best workmanship of the machine, do the recommended regular maintenance found in the manual.  This includes ALL machines, not just APQS.  

I hope this post clears up of any misconceptions about W&N batting.  If anyone has any comments, please  contact me directly.  

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I would like to thank your for clarifying your blog post, and more importantly explaining your experience with Warm and Natural from years past.  Since that time it sounds as if The Warm Company has cleaned up their act/batting to remove most if not all of the large debris from the cotton they make the batting less likely to damage our machines.  

After reading all the earlier posts, it is probably a good idea to give any and all battings a good look-see to ensure there is not some thing lurking in or more likely on the batting that could cause issues during quilting.  Just like with most of our consumer goods there are probably thousands of places a stray item can get into the final product.  The Warm Company now says their Warm and Natural batting only contains stem pieces and leaves.  I guess for the look some quilters want.  Also I believe it was Mountain Mist that replied to some of the complaints about their batting back in the 2010-2013 posts.  The company sounded as if they wanted to improve their product based on comments/complaints from the quilting community.  Just as we learn, so do companies that want to stay in business and produce the best possible products.

Thank you again for clarifying your blog post.  Take care, and have a wonderful day.


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I love love love bamboo and bamboo/cotton blend battings.  They can take a lot of quilting and still result in a very soft supple quilt.  Many of the 100% cotton battings, including many of the Warm Co. battings, will get very stiff if the top is heavily quilted.  It can take a several washings before the quilt starts to become soft and pliable.  The ones I've done for myself with W&N and quilted with a medium dense panto are still quite stiff even after many many washings.  Many of my customers like W&N and other 100% cotton battings, but from now on I will only use bamboo on my personal quilts.  Sleeping under one of the bamboo finished quilts is like sleeping under a cloud.  Mmmmmmm, just delightful.  

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