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I use KingTut in my Lenni and only have minimal issues.  It is slower going than the poly threads and I have to match the bottom and top threads or I have tension issues.  I've used it exclusively for years in my short-arm (Janome) and never had a problem but Lenni is a tad more fussy - I make the effort for it to work as I have a lot of it on hand still and the colors are great.

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I just used King Tut variegated for the first time (I've only quilted a half dozen quilts so far, so I guess that is not saying much.) and had no problems at all.

I'm on a 1997  Ultimate II, no bells, whistles or hopping foot if that information makes a difference. As far as I know, any problems I have had so far have not been thread related, other than some poorly would bobbins.

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On 7/9/2017 at 0:44 PM, City Chick Quilts said:

I am having issues using this King Tut variegated thread.  What to do?  Too late to change thread or unsew!

What size needle do you use? Try upping to a 4.5 needle and thread through two of the tensioner holes above the spring. Adjust tension knob accordingly. See how that works. Good luck. 

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