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My Millie should arrive today! I have gotten a bunch of quilting patterns and anticipate getting more. I will have Quiltpath. My dealer used iPattern to organize her patterns, but it looks like that software is no longer supported. Can anyone recommend another software that will allow me to see and organize my quilting patterns? 

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You could also use Evernote.  I use that with my IQ and it works just fine.  Angela Huffman has a youtube video on the subject that  you might want to check out.  Best part is that it's FREE!!!  :D  Of course, I upgraded to the premium version which does cost a little, but it's very inexpensive.  And with the premium version, I can see all my designs on any device.  I'm not limited to just the designs I can see on my computer.  This is tremendously helpful when picking up a customer quilt and getting his/her input on the quilting design to use.  

Another great program, which is very inexpensive and very helpful, is Quilter's Lightbox.  I don't remember how much it cost, but I do remember that I was surprised that it was so cheap.  Great program to test out your quilting ideas on pictures of actual quilt of quilt blocks.  You can play with designs, thread color, etc.  I like this much better than using the transparency film on the actual quilt tops.  No more worry about running off the edge when I'm drawing out a pattern, and my customers are a lot less nervous when I mark a sample design out on their quilt.  I even had one customer remark that my operation was so "professional" since I could do everything on my computer.  HA!  If she only knew how much doesn't get done on the computers.  hahaha.  

Anyway, hope this helps.  



Lora in California -  Ultimate I with IntelliStitch and IntelliQuilter.  The Thimble Bee

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