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Top thread still breaking

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I had originally posted about this problem here:

I thought this problem had worked itself out but apparently not. I was diligent about checking the quilts for awhile and seemed like all was well. Earlier last week I finished hand sewing the binding on one and as I was putting on the label I noticed a tiny thread nest. I scraped it with my fingernail and...oh $%#@ It happened again. I found three places fairly close together on this quilt. Needless to say I am now paranoid and plan to get out the last three or so I have done to thoroughly check them. (I did check them and found more instances. At least one occurence on each quilt) If there is a "ghost" thread connecting it (which is the only logical answer) then it is so thin that the moment you touch the area it breaks. I use different colored threads all the time. I have changed my needle more than once. I am still a new enough owner that I haven't gotten lazy about maintenance ;) so I know it's clean. These breaks seem to happen in a relatively small area, so it seems like the thread frays, starts to break and catches several times before getting to a good place on the thread and no more problems.  Since I do not see this when it happens I have no idea whether I am traveling right to left or left to right or going around in a circle! I was so happy about the quality of the quilting but now I am totally unsure and hope I found all the bad spots. Many of these will be donated and I hate the thought of them not holding up in the laundry or with just general use. :unsure: To say I am paranoid is an understatement. Not sure where to start looking to correct this problem. It's so odd that it is not a constant problem, just a very occasional one. ?????

(Looking at a scrap quilt folded on the shelf. It has a black back quilted with black bobbin thread. Hope the quilt angels watched out for that one cause I can't even see the stitching , much less if it skipped a stitch or two. :blink:)

Anyone have any ideas? Do I need to have the dealer take a look at it? Does it need servicing of some kind? At the moment I feel like I sold my old problems only to spend a lot of money for  new problems. I'm really bummed.

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