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Hi Patty, welcome to the forum! what brand of longarm do you have? Your best source for feet would be from your manufacturer or dealer. There are lots of places to find other supplies- I'd start with googling what sort of accessory you are looking for. I found a highly versatile plain ruler from Quilted Joy, and my ruler table is a Hartley that fits my APQS machine. I really like my clamps - Grip-Lite Longarm Side Clamps. I got mine at Nancy's Notions, and they are available at a number of internet suppliers. I also use zippers on my leaders to make loading and unloading easy. They are available from the Quilting Connection online.

Happy Quilting!

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I am new to longarm, and have shopped around a bit.  I bought the extended ruler base from APQS (I couldn't find any used ones), and watch eBay for used rulers.  I got some circles and an HQ versatool from eBay.  The circles were a steal, about 30% of new.  Batting from Joanne's usually at half price with a coupon.   I bought thread and needles from Superior, via the internet.  Fortunately, the person I bought my machine from had been to a show and had a brochure showing all the colors.  If you are really concerned about matching thread, you can purchase cards that show samples of the colors.  

Eventually when I learn what batting I like best, I will probably buy a roll, but not until I try Hobbs and Quilters Dream.   I also will probably try Kingsmen Quilting Supply, since they are on the east coast.


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