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SOLD - Babylock Jewel and Grace Pinnacle Frame

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Babylock Jewel Longarm (BLJ18) with Grace Pinnacle 10 foot frame

For sale – Babylock Jewel 18” Longarm quilter with a 10 foot Grace Pinnacle frame – the frame can be assembled in either a 10 foot or 5 foot length.    Stitching can be used either manual or regulated.   For all information on the factory setup, please view the Babylock site at:  https://www.babylock.com/sewing/jewel/    

Accessories included with the machine include:

    Ruler base
    Micro Handles
    Sure Foot (taller profile foot for use with rulers)
    Full cluster lights
    Cloth leaders
    Various bobbins and needles
    Bobbin winder

Also included are the original manuals for the Longarm and for the frame.  There are step by step setup instructions for both on the included CD’s.  

The frame is currently disassembled, and the machine is boxed in its original packing box.  Therefore the one photo of the machine on the frame is a stock photo from Babylock.  It was in great working condition before disassembly.

Asking $3,000 if picked up locally in the Las Vegas area.  Shipping would be extra - I'm not sure how much it would cost to ship - I have the original box and packing for the longarm but the accessories and frame would have to boxed.   I'm guessing it would cost in excess of $500.


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It has been sold
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Great! I have a few questions. 

What year was the machine purchased?

how many owners has it had?

when was it last serviced? 

Do the micro handles have controls on them too?

can I also get a quote to ship to the Houston, TX area?  


Sorry for for all the questions at once, just want to get them all out of the way.  

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I purchased it new in 2009, so it has only had one owner.  I have never taken it in to have it serviced I have only done the recommended servicing at home.   The micro handles have the same controls as the regular handles.   Thanks for your interest - I haven't boxed the frame (there was no box when it was delivered to my home - the seller had it partially set up when it was delivered).  I will have to find an appropriate box before I can give you a shipping price.

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I have a longarm Baby Lock Jewel.  Also a 10 ft frame.  All is ok, it has just been sitting as I am now a cancer survivor but will no longer be long arm quilting.  I am asking $2,000.   I live in Nevada near South Lake Tahoe, Ca.  It would need to be picked up.  So, if you or anyone you know is interested, just contact me at my email address.  Thank you and have a great day.     



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