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QP changes total width when patterns are connected


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When setting up a basic panto, my QP changes the total width of the row when I click to join the patterns. The width is supposed to be 79 inches, but when I join the patterns, it jumps to 8 patterns x 14.47 inches each, changing the row width to over 115 inches! I have never had this problem before and I am stumped as to what's going on. I also tried other pantos with the same result. I did one yesterday without a problem. Ghost in the machine? Or user too dumb to figure it out? HELP!! I'm baffled.

Susan Slaton, Millie owner




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The setting the you are currently using, nest ends, it telling Quilt Path to join the repeats together AND place a partial to file the ends.  The partial is the eight design.  The extra inches are outside of the quiltable area and have to do with how that partial motif on the edges is created and displayed.

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I don't understand why it is changing the allowable width of the pattern if I have entered the total width. Shouldn't it change the width of the pattern to fit the number of pattern repeats in the row? Your answer didn't help me get what to do to fix it and have it look correct. QP added 35 extra inches...way more than a partial pattern.


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