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Looking for a sewing machine to replace my old one

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Hi there,

I have had my sewing machine for 17 plus years and it works most of the time - I have had it in for repair and it comes back doing the same things I send it in for repair. I have gone on YouTube to see if I could trouble shoot, and I have learned a few things but still it is temperamental at times. I would like to replace it - as I have some projects on the go and would like things to run smoothly.

The throat size is nice on my older machine and new machines seem to be extremely smaller than what I have. I don't need a million types of thread stiches or fancy colors on it, all I am thinking that I would like are automatic threading and cutter. I have looked into two machines that I am considering the first is JuKi excite and singer quantum 9960 - lower end in pricing but seems to offer what I am looking for.  

Are there other machines that anyone can recommend or suggest? I live two hours from a sewing dealer of any kind - and would like to do a bit of research so when I am there, I can ask see and test. I live in Canada and may not have some of the options suggested but I am willing to look in to them before making a final decision.

thank you in advance tloagn  


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I have used Viking machines with great joy since 1976. Workhorses! the one I have now is made for quilt-making and quilting and has a 10" throat.   I also have a 20 year old Viking that I use for travel and classes. Neither machine has ever needed any repair - just cleaning. I haven't researched new ones. I have looked at the Pfaff, too. They have a quilting version, wide throat, and a special capability to do decorative stitches that are wider than the normal zig-zag width. Try them all. I recommend that you get the best machine you can afford. Happy stitching!

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I have an older version of the Brother PQ1500SL. It is a mechanical, straight stitch only machine that is fantastic. My machine is probably about 15+ years old and is a workhorse. It never gives me any problems. It is a sturdy machine - not plastic. BabyLock also has a version just like this but is probably a little more expensive. (I got this info from the Brother website)


High Speed Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

  • The PQ1500SL is a dream machine that belongs in the sewing room of every serious quilter and seamstress. It is a high-speed straight stitching machine, sewing up to 1,500 stitches per minute! The PQ1500SL offers an adjustable pin feed mechanism, 4 feed dog settings for maximum fabric control, a knee lifter and bed extension table for quilting, full range foot pressure adjustment and an automatic thread cutter with F.A.S.T. needle threader - a time saving convenience.
  • 1500 stitches per minute
  • 4 Feed Dog height adjustments
  • Built-in knee lifter to easily raise and lower the presser foot, so your hands are free to re-position or remove your fabric 
  • Extra-large extension table
  • Automatic thread cutter button
  • Convenient thread tension dial
  • Pin Feed Mechanism allows you to exchange the use of the feed dogs for a single pin that cleanly extends from beneath the machine, moving all layers of your quilt together or moves a delicate velvet without leaving feed dog marks in the nap
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There is a Facebook group called Quilting Space.  Someone asked this same question yesterday and has received recommendations from at least 100 (or more) and most give their reasons why, years owned, repairs needed (if any).  From what I saw the favorites were Pfaff, Bernina and Janome with the other familiar ones, including Juki, coming in distant thirds behind these.  Most give specific models.  You might check there.  It IS an open group, I believe.  Good luck!

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I have two vikings, one Pfaff, one Bernina, ......well hate to say it....but each one does some thing better than the others.....think about what you are going to be using that machine for....you don't need all the bells and whistles if you are just going to be piecing with it....just a nice straight stitch.....you can pay a lot for some of those fancy machines....for piecing, what I find are really nice are a nice straight stitch, a needle up/down function, good lighting, I am not so wild about a thread cutter as I usually piece with a leader/ender so can keep on chain piecing without dealing with loose needle and bobbin threads...also like a machine that has feet that help in my piecing...like a walking foot for those long seams and for putting on binding.....good luck...using mostly my Bernina 630 for piecing although I like my old Viking D1 and my MegaQuilter also....I use the little Pfaff passport when I go to classes as it only weights 13 pounds....Lin

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