Customer Quilt Problem we can't figure out how to fix- sorry Duplicate Post!

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A long time customer brought me this quilt to quilt. She is adorable so I really want to help her get it fixed.

The measurements of the length is both sides 70" and the width is within 3/4" of each other (58 3/8 & 59 1/4). But when I started to load it on my Millie I noticed something weird was going on so I laid it on the kitchen floor to see. You will notice that the center lays pretty flat and the outer borders are laying flat but the red border is a mess. She took it back and took off all the borders, remeasured and started putting them back on and the same thing started happening. 

She says the red fabric is raveling real bad; could it be bad fabric and causing the problem. Have you ever seen this? If so, how did you fix it? She wants to give this to her grandson and is trying real hard to fix it. We are both frustrated so I told her I would ask you guys who have seen everything and are experts.

We would appreciate any input.IMG_1946.JPG.42b3e3ae6ca9bee7c15b112b4a1188c8.JPG

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Sorry - Duplicate Post

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This is obviously one fabric where that border will need to pinned on in halves quarters and eighths etc  then very gently sewn to the body of the quilt.  Did she measure the centre in three places and average before cutting the border fabrics?


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The borders are being stretched on slightly (or maybe a little more than slightly). I would take off those borders. Since this is going to her grandson, it is probably not a "competing show quilt".  Starting with the quilt top on a flat surface pin on the first  red border.  I think she will find that it is several inches too short as is.  After sewing it on make sure it lays perfectly flat and don't even worry about it laying square.  Proceed in the same manner with each additional border.  In my experience, I've found it's much easier to deal with a border that's too big rather than one that's too small.  If your customer is completely out of border fabric, she may have to cut off the outer edge of the body of the quilt to make those borders fit.


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