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Thread Shredding when quilting from right to left

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Whenever I am quilting from the right side to left side of the machine when I am standing at the front and am doing long horizontal lines of stitching my thread starts shredding. Anyone have this happen to them. It never happens when I am going from the left to right side. I have a Lenni and have been quilting for about 8 months.

Thanks Carol

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Try rotating the needle so the eye is almost at the 7 o'clock position and let us know if this helps.  Quite often if there is hook to needle clearance you will get skipped stitches in this direction as well as going front to back as the needle flexes away from the hook.  My theory is somewhere between skipped and proper stitches the hook might split the thread.  So try the usual things for skipped stitches first, rotate the needle, go up one size if you are not using the 4.0 and shorter stitches.

Please let us know when you find the solution so it can help someone else.


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