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Millie without thread cutter question

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I'm negotiating with a potential buyer for my lenni. Here's a couple of questions for you Millie owners who have removed the thread cutter:

1. Does the standard Hartley base fit on the Millie if the thread cutter is removed?

2. This may be a silly question: Without the thread cutter, are there wires to deal with? Does it attach to the housing, such that the housing is in tact after the cutter is removed. Maybe just a picture of Millie's side after the thread cutter is removed will fully answer this question.

Thanks so much!!


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Sharon, I've removed thread cutters on a couple of customers' Millies, but I don't have any photos handy. I think I can answer your questions, though.

1. The Hartley Base designed for Millie will NOT fit on a machine that has had the thread cutter removed, since it needs that cutter "box" to rest on. A Hartley Base designed for a non-thread-cutter machine (like your Lenni) WILL fit.

2. Once the cutter "box" is removed (four screws, accessed through the holes in the side of the box), there will be a couple of wires that extend out of a hole in the main head. I just strapped them to the head with painters tape, to keep them out of the way.

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This may not help you if you are buying a Mille and own a Lenni.

I have a Mille and my husband removed my thread cutter and my Hartley base still fits; however, he also created a small plastic insert to fill in the gap on top where the thread cutter cover mounted to the top; next to the throat plate. We left the housing in tact so the base would still fit.  I don't have a picture of my base on the machine as I loaned it to a friend with a new Mille to play with; but I have attached a couple pics anyway.



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Hi everyone, and thank you Sharon for asking the same question I have. My 2005 Millie came with that feature which I do not use at all. I called  APQS, got a good answer but I love all of your input much better.  I have been twiddling my fingers about this for some time.  Now I can act.

This is a great helpful group with lots of information .  Thank you

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