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Prewound Bobbins

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I have been wanting to try the magnetic prewound bobbins as I have heard they have the best tension. I'm not sure who makes them or where to get them. Do they come in lots of colors? What kind of thread is it? Cotton or Poly? I have a Lenni with the L style bobbins and have been mostly using Superior prewounds with Bottom Line.

Thank you


Thousand Oaks, CA


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You can get them in many colors and thread types.  Here is the URL  http://www.bobbincentral.com/ . You can look at the site without registering but to get prices you need to register.   If you don't have a business license, several quilters on here sells their products.  The pre-wound magna bobbins are the best, just remember to remove the back-lash spring in your bobbin case when using them.  The other name for the same business is  Magento Commerce

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My Millie finally arrived on Friday!!!!   I had the recommendation of the pre-wound magna Filtec bobbins and oh, are they ever perfect.  I've been playing with different top threads - some left over from my sit-down (Superior and Signature) as well as Glide and So Fine.  The first two were cotton and so linty compared to the last two.  Out of all, I have to say I like (or should I say Millie likes) the SoFine the best of all.  The Glide sewed as nicely but when I snip I see some untwisting which causes me to snip again to re-thread.  Right now I am all about practice, practice and trying different things out.  I felt dyslecsic (sp?) the first day - like relearning how to write with my other hand - a big change from a sitdown to a longarm - but then it smoothed right in.  Muscle memory...it's for real!  So happy to be one of you happy APQS owners!


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