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Quilt Machine was purchased in 2002, and has been used very little since. Had plans last fall of trying to get back into quilting and purchased the Bliss Track system in Nov 2016 for it (additional $3,642.25) which is still new in the box. Machine is currently not setup - but has been very carefully stored. Original flyer attached. All kinds of thread will go with the machine. I'm only letting it go because I don't have room for it any longer. Plus my husband said if I haven't used it in the past 10 years then it's time to let it go.




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Lino Lakes MN is where it is located - Asking price is $7,000.  I'll get help and pull the machine out of the box for pictures.  It does have the handles off of it at this time so it could go back into the box as originally shipped.  The Bliss track system boxes have never been opened and I prefer not to unless someone comes to see it and wants it.  Reason being if it needs to be shipped I don't want to repack the whole thing.  I've set the price at what I feel is very fair considering the condition of the machine.

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I was not suggesting unpacking the boxes, I was only suggesting a picture into the open box so a buyer could see the actual condition of the items.  The boxes you have do not look like they have gotten wet or suffered any significant damage.  Close up pictures of the unpacked legs and inside boxes can tell a great deal of information.  While I fully believe quilters are honest folk, you can never be too careful when it comes to parting with your pennies.  As old Ben said; "A fool and his money are soon parted."


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