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How to replace (put back on shaft) hook assembly

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Hello fellow LAQ machine do-it-yourselfers.

I am attempting to work on the Beast's timing this morning. That is my 1997 Ultimate II. The video is great, and I am to the point of putting the hook assembly back into place.

Amy showed a trick of bracing your screwdrivers against the thingamajiggy behind it to help pry and scootch the assembly off the post in the first place. But now the video simply shows the assembly back in place without showing how to do it.

 This thing will not just push back into place. I bet I'm not supposed to put a lot of pressure on that center post that the bobbins snap onto, and I bet I'm not supposed to whack it with a mallet or probably even tap it.

Anybody here have any hints on how to get that hook assembly back into place, all the way back on the post? Any help will be appreciated.

****** UPDATE ******

I just spoke with Angie and learned that I was a bit too careful on the step of running the machine, at slowest speed, with the file against the post to smooth it out and possibly shave off the minutest, tiniest bit of metal. It took 3-4 more seconds with the file at the most. And the hook assembly popped back into place.

Thanks once again to the very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient APQS crew!

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The guys at the factory screw things down "man tight" and usually the exposed shaft will have minute gouges from the screws. Using fine-grade sandpaper or emery cloth around the shaft and running it at a slooooow speed will sand off the gouges and reduce the shaft so the assembly slides on easier than it came off. What I usually forget is to replace the hook retaining finger and wail to my hubby that it's "NOT WORKING"! Good luck and it will be fine!

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Angie told me to use the file with a slightly faster speed (8), and it did come off.

i timed the little devil and had been sewing some time when ‘clank’. I think my needle is hitting the hook assembly. I’m waiting for Angie to get back to me about starting over. I just don’t know why it took so long before an issue arose and if it’s going to be okay filing down again.


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