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Help! A screw came out of the bottom of my carriage

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Near the end of a project. The pattern started to degrade. Turned everything off and tried on another spot. Still messed up. Finally my head wouldn't come all the way forward, so I started investigating, The back clamp lost a screw. It wobbles now and I suspect this is the problem. Millennium 2017, Bliss track, Quilt Path. Question, do I need to remove the head t fix this I suspect? And should I check for anything else? 


Pamela G.

Tucson, AZ 

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If you can get the screw in with your fingers, you may be able to use a screw driver with a 90 degree bend to tighten it without removing the machine head.


If the 90 degree bend is too long to fit in the space, you could also try using a philips apex bit and hold it with a pair of needle nose pliers to get the screw tight.  Hopefully you can get the screw in without removing the head from the table.


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