Help! A screw came out of the bottom of my carriage

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Near the end of a project. The pattern started to degrade. Turned everything off and tried on another spot. Still messed up. Finally my head wouldn't come all the way forward, so I started investigating, The back clamp lost a screw. It wobbles now and I suspect this is the problem. Millennium 2017, Bliss track, Quilt Path. Question, do I need to remove the head t fix this I suspect? And should I check for anything else? 


Pamela G.

Tucson, AZ 

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There are some offset screwdrivers that will reach that screw but most of the time, it's best to just remove the head and reattach that bracket.

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If you can get the screw in with your fingers, you may be able to use a screw driver with a 90 degree bend to tighten it without removing the machine head.

If the 90 degree bend is too long to fit in the space, you could also try using a philips apex bit and hold it with a pair of needle nose pliers to get the screw tight.  Hopefully you can get the screw in without removing the head from the table.


May your threads be balanced, and your bobbin forever full….

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Tried to use a short screw driver, no luck. Ended up taking the head off and fixing it. The other screw was loose too, so glad I did. Now just trying to update my tablet, and reload the drivers . My Quilt Path wouldn't set safe zones, so am trying that.


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