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I have a George and a L bobbin, but I don't know which bobbin to order to wind my own...i want the best one that I can order and where can I order them..

Thanks for any information would be so helpful...I just got this used 2012 George sit down machine...all it came with was prewound bobbins...I like to match the thread to my backings on a quilt..

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Check with your closest local APQS shop, or order directly from APQS.  In the Austin & Cedar Park, TX, area I get my supplies from Over the Top Quilting. They also have a good selection of Glide poly. thread by Fil-Tec that works well in my George.  I ordered 50 aluminum L bobbins initially.  

I ordered a bobbin winder off Ebay.  The literature says it came from Lancaster County Quilting Creations.  It will wind M & L bobbins.  I've had mine for several years.  I paid 99.87 & 10.60 shipping.  There is also a web site address - www.QuiltingMasters.com

I learned the hard way to cover the oil wick on the back side of the head behind the needle with a bandaid when using the machine.  That prevents your fabric from getting oil spots on your project if it bunches up behind the machine when you're quilting.  

Get a small, good LED flashlight and keep it handy so you can clean, check for threads and oil the the bobbin case and keep it very clean.   (Tweezers too)

I also pull down my bobbin thread at least 8" and make sure it's releasing from the bobbin case smoothly.

I hope you enjoy your George.  


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