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For sale: 2004 Millie that was completely refurbished in 2007; bliss rails, stitch regulator, channel locks.  Millie is in excellent condition and has been lovingly cared for.  Machine comes with pre-wound bobbins, external bobbin winder, micro quilting attachments, Marilyn Badger's circle attachment and other quilting accessories.  The machine resides in Los Angeles; will work with buyer to make arrangements for delivery.  $7,500.




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Is this machine still available and does the machine have a stitch regulator and a light pointer on the back for pantagrams?  what size bobbins does this machine take and how long has it been since the wheels have been replaced. You've had this machine for over 10 years, about how many quilts have you completed on this machine.


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Dear Bunny 57:  Thank you for your inquiry about Millie.  This machine does have a stitch regulator (couldn't live without it!) and it also has the laser pointer for pantograms.  The wheels were replaced in 2007 along with a new version of Millie.  I also have bliss rails.  I would say the wheels are in excellent condition; I regularly cleaned them during use.  I have quilted many quilts on my longarm but I have to say Millie is so well built I have never experienced any problems.  I have always regularly oiled and cleaned the machine according to manufacturer's instructions.  I use many weights of threads from cotton to polyester to super thin silk and Millie is really good with all of them.   Please let me know if I can answer any more questions.

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Dear Ivy Lane - Thank you for your inquiry about Millie.  I do have power fabric advance but I am not sure what you mean by quilt glide.  I do have the bliss rails which allow the machine to move effortlessly around the quilt.  Shipping can be a challenge.  I once had the head shipped via a qualified shipper but the head arrived damaged and had to be completely replaced (this is why I have a 2007 head on the older frame).  I would recommend either in person via UHaul or with a freight company with specialty packing on a palette so the head can't be dropped.  I am totally willing to work with you on how to get Millie to you.  I think it would be a fun road trip but I would ask for some reimbursement for cost for the truck.  I don't know how much this would be.  My guess is that freight companies might end up being less expensive because they combine loads from other customers.  

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